In the late 60s/early 70s Nolan Bushnell became aware that students of some of the most prestigious colleges in the USA, such as MIT were using spare processing time on the huge mainframe computers those institutes owned to play games, such as 'Space War'.

He reasoned that there might be a market for those games in arcades worldwide (which at the time were full of Pinball and other electro-mechanical games and amusements). The one problem was that the cost of CPUs at the time was prohibitive.

He then realised he could put video games together not using a CENTRAL processing unit but instead use decentralised processing in the form of relatively inexpensive TTL (Transistor-Transistor Logic) circuits spread over the whole PCB and his version of 'Space War' - 'Computer Space' was born, he then formed Atari, produced 'Pong' and the rest, as they say, is history!

Now MAME is a marvelous and slightly miraculous program isn't it? All the arcade games in history documented and preserved as a historical document for future generations! All that is except these early Discrete Logic games, MAME emulates games at the CPU level which is difficult to do when there isn't a CPU there!

While it may be technically possible to simulate each and every circuit and document these early games in a playable fashion the huge amount of work it would take to get even one of these games up and running means that this may never happen and these games may be forgotten and that would be a great shame, though these games were primitive and simplistic they were, never the less, the first games, the pioneers, this was Genesis!

This is where this site comes in - a museum of these early games preserving as much technical detail, documentation and game play/artwork information as possible, ideally as a resource for those attempting simulation but otherwise just lest we forget...


Atari (and Kee) Nutting Associates
Bailey International Inc. PSE - Project Support Engineering
Exidy Rough Photos
Fun Games (WIP) Zephyr's 'Clean Sweep' Page





March 9th 2009

  • A few links were updated in order to keep up with changes in last few years. Updated game list entries on the front page. Verified that some games in the current front page list either needed to be removed, added or corrected.
  • More updates for Discrete Logistics to take place later. - gregf

April 7th 2005

  • Mr Do has very kindly allowed me to use some photos he took at California Extreme 2004 of an orange 'Rebound' by Atari and 'Basketball' by Midway (Rough Page), these can also be found on Mr Do's Arcade
  • Greg wrote some words and expanded on 'Game Tree' by PSE's info entry.

April 4th 2005

  • Greg kindly wrote me more in depth information entries on 'Desert Patrol' and 'Bazooka' for the new PSE page based on his personal research, I've edited these a bit so any typos and spelling SNAFUs are no doubt my own ;-)
  • I've also added to the Pong entry on the Atari page an article written by Dan Boris about emulating it. I've added this to the Pong entry as it is mentioned by name but most of the information it contains relates to the emulation Discrete Logic games in general so go read! I found this on Mr Do's site who in turn found it on Dan Boris' own site so both have been added to the links section.

April 3rd 2005

NEW PAGE! - PSE (Project Support Engineering) well that's a couple of big entry taken off of the 'Rough Page' anyway! Additional photos cropped out of the flyers at TAFA as always. Found that there was only one game out of the 5 that I didn't already have materials for (Knights in Armor) so I went ahead and made a full 'finished' page rather than make a 'work in progress' page like I threw up for Fun Games before.

March 31st 2005

  • (Finaly) added the shots of 'Computer Space' to the Nutting Associates page that T.LeBlanc (aka Aramis) kindly took for us - this is quite exciting as it's the first photo set taken specificaly for this site! Thanks also to Greg for sorting the whole thing out.
  • Also added a very different, Australian 'Barrel Pong' to the 'Pong' entry on Atari as well as the flyer link thanks to Dan Hower of TAFA for finding this rare flyer and adding it to his site

March 29th 2005

TAFA's moved to a .net so I've updated all the flyer links accordingly! Also added to the links section - a glaring omission and added descriptions to Trap Shoot (renamed from 'Trap Shooting') and Play Ball by Gremlin on the rough page thanks to Greg's long memory - turns out these aren't actually video games in the strictest sense as the player responds to lights on a printed facade rather than a proper video display by they do use discrete logic components to make a game so I guess they can stay...

March 27th 2005

  • I was recently very kindly given permission to use materials from the veritable treasure trove of manuals, PCBs shots, artwork and general technical goodness from all eras of arcade games that is I *think* I grabbed everything relevant but I'd be grateful if someone (ie Greg, I guess) went through and checked. I would also like to ask anyone out there who contributes to projects like this one (hello again Greg) to add to their list of places to send stuff into. I would also like to thank 'Tom Braider' on the for posting the link by which I discovered the site - even if he wasn't talking to me at the time :-) I have obviously added Crazy Kong to the links section! OK those additions in full:
  • PCB Photos: Atari: Anti-Aircraft, Steeplechase/Astroturf, Gotcha, Jet Fighter, Outlaw and Tank. Rough Page: Flim Flam - Meadows, Monaco GP - Sega, Paddle Battle - Allied Leisure, Play Time - Midway, Wheels - Midway, Winner - Midway, Play Ball - Gremlin, Trap Shooting - Gremlin, TV Ping Pong - Chicago Coin, TV Hockey - Chicago Coin, Pro Tennis - Williams and TV Poker - unknown, not sure if CPUless at all...
  • Schematics: Atari: Space Race. Exidy: Alley Rally. Rough Page: Bazooka - PSE and Desert Patrol - PSE,
  • Full Manuals: Atari: Jet Fighter and Tank II. Rough Page: Monaco GP - Sega and Winner - Midway.

March 15th 2005

Greg spotted a couple more auctions going on resulting in me upping proper photos of 1 of the 2 Computer Space Ball Cab variants to the Nutting Associates page as well as a game called 'Tournament Time II' by National Entertainment Co. which seems to have been licensed from Atari in some way

March 13th 2005

  • Added 'Arcade at the Movies' to the links section - a site that shows stills of movies where games of the era were shown, quite interesting! Also I was contacted by Chuck Sanders - he maintains the mirror of Al Kossow's 'Wiretap' so I've updated the link to reflect this
  • So while looking at the 'Wiretap' mirror I found Chuck had fixed links to all sorts of cool photos - taken and upped here are: To the Exidy page - Bezel art for Alley Rally, Score and Spiders from Space also a proper photo of Attack was added.
  • Other pages - Biplane (Fun Games) and Stunt Cycle (Atari) had photos from California Extreme 1999 added while Computer Space 2 Players (Nutting Associates) had a good photo taken at the St Louis Arcade Museum (which sadly no longer exists) added

March 6th 2005

  • Nicked and added more .pdf documents from that mirror of Al Kossow's old 'Spies' site - an alternative manual for Atari's Tank as well as modification guide to upgrade the game to 'Super Tank'. Also added a new 'Documents' section to the main page (see above) to hold a couple of more general documents that were there - Thanks to Dave Widel for pointing out how good they taste!
  • Totally re-wrote the blurb at the top of this page, hopefully it now better explains exactly what we're doing here!

March 1st 2005

  • Added 'Fun Games' page in an early state, what I'm doing is concentrating on clearing the Rough page and Games List a bit so the only games I've done full entries for are 'Race' and 'Biplane' and I'll press on to the next company now.
  • As well as taking the Fun Games stuff off of the Rough page I also made some corrections to it thanks to Greg, turns out that 'Avenger' is by Electra/Taito (Taito probably licensed it from Electra)

February 27th 2005

  • Updated the 'Pong' Entry on the Atari page with a full photo set that Greg found, replacing a pic I cropped from the flyer and a Pong cabinet shot that had non-original feet fitted that seemed to vex Greg
  • I then updated the 'Pong' entry again with photos of the rare 'Pong In-A-Barrel' that TAFA's Dan Hower spotted
  • Also made some updates to the Games List that Greg pointed out - added 3 games from the imaginatively titled 'Computer Games Inc'
  • Think I've just about caught up with all the external submissions, can maybe get back to adding new stuff now...

February 25th 2005

Updated the 'Pong Doubles' entry on the Atari page with a photo set that Greg found

February 22nd 2005

Added PCB shots to the Indy 800 entry on the Atari page, (slightly) more interesting than it sounds as it is actually an impressive collection of PCBs housed in a rack, if you read the manual though you'll see that this is still only about half of the PCBs that an Indy 800 Cabinet would have possessed! Oh, thanks, as always, to Greg for finding these shots!

February 21st 2005

Upped a photo set of 'Survival' by US Billiards, that Greg found, to the rough page

February 16th 2005

Made a page for a small company that started out life as 'National Computer Systems' then changed it's name to 'Fascination Inc', only 2 known games both Pong clones and, to tell you the truth, it could that both games are actually one and the same, go look at the flyers on TAFA and make your own mind up. Anyway the main reason for putting this page together is to present the photos of '600 Handicap' that Greg found

February 9th 2005

Just tidied up the main page today

  • Realised it's actually 2005 now - thanks to those who pointed that out :p
  • Moved all the old pre-'05 news to an archive page
  • Added links to a "Computer Space" shrine site that Greg found and Derrick's code explanation page
  • Also checking through the links I found that Eric Newton has fallen off the internet (anyone know if he's got a new address?) and Greg's link was broken since MAMETesters is now an Org - can't believe he didn't point that out!
  • Looks like the web site of the last Simulator project - Stunt Cycle fell off the internet too so the 'Simulators' section has now gone, sadly.

February 8th 2005

Whoa OK, trying to make some sense of what's to be done around here after so much time away - sorry about that DisLog fans (ie Greg) - updates to Rough page

  • Changed identity of the 'Volly' game - its 'Volly Tennis' by Volly Industries of Canada, not Ramtek Volly at all - thanks to Greg for pointing that out (although I'd like to make it clear it was Greg who told me it was by Ramtek in the first place :P)
  • Added a screen shot of a game called 'Avenger' but I can't remember where I got this from or anything about it, like who made it - answers on a postcard please!
  • Added loads more photos of PSE's 'Man Eater' which I found lost and unloved on an obscure corner of my HD

(Companies that do not have their own pages yet)
Star Trek For-Play 1972
Asteroid Midway 1973
Astrohockey Brunswick 1973
Astro Race Taito 1973
Davis Cup Taito 1973
Elepong Taito 1973
Hockey Ramtek 1973
Hockey TV Sega 1973
Leader Midway 1973
Olympic Tennis See-Fun 1973
Paddle Ball Williams 1973
Paddle Battle Allied Leisure 1973
Playtime Midway 1973
Pong Tron Sega 1973
Pong Tron II Sega 1973
Pro Hockey Taito 1973
Rally For-Play 1973
Rally Competitive Video 1973
Soccer Ramtek 1973
Soccer Taito 1973
Super Breakthru Competitive Video 1973
Super Soccer Allied Leisure 1973
Tennis Tourney Allied Leisure 1973
TV Football Chicago Coin 1973
TV Hockey Chicago Coin 1973
TV Ping Pong Chicago Coin 1973
TV Ping Pong Amutronics 1973
TV Table Tennis PMC 1973
Volley Ramtek 1973
TV Tennis Chicago Coin 1973
Winner Midway 1973
Winner IV Midway 1973
Wipe Out Ramtek 1973
Ball Park Midway 1974
Baseball Ramtek 1974
Basketball Taito 1974
Challenge Mirco 1974
Clean Sweep Ramtek 1974
Club Tennis Computer Games 1974
Electro-Fun 401 Electromotion 1974
Flim Flam Meadows 1974
Goal Kick Sega 1974
Hesitation Allied Leisure 1974
Knockout Ramtek 1974
Mini Hockey Sega 1974
One on One PMC 1974
Player's Choice PMC 1974
Pro Hockey Computer Games 1974
Speed Race Taito 1974
Spike It Computer Games 1974
Table Hockey Sega 1974
TV Basketball Midway 1974
TV Goalee Chicago Coin 1974
Zap Allied Leisure 1974
Avenger Electra 1975
Balloon Gun Sega 1975
Bullet Mark Sega 1975
Combo 3 Electra 1975
Drop Zone 4 Meadows 1975
Duck Shoot Sega 1975
Electromotion IV Electromotion 1975
Erase Sega 1975
Heavy Traffic Digital Games 1975
Knockout Electra 1975
Last Inning Sega 1975
Pace Car Pro Electra 1975
TV Pin Game Chicago Coin 1975
Pong Cinematronics 1975
Racer Midway 1975
Robot Allied Leisure 1975
Slam Mirco 1975
Street Burners Allied Leisure 1975
Super Flipper Chicago Coin 1975
Survival US Billiards 1975
Trivia Ramtek 1975
TV Flipper Midway 1975
UFO Chase Electra 1975
Video Action II URL 1975
Wheels Midway 1975
Wheels II Midway 1975
Whisky Barrel 6 Game Elcon 1975
Avenger Taito 1976
Biplane 4 Fun Games 1976
Bombs Away Meadows 1976
Bullet Mark Sega 1976
Ckidzo Meadows 1976
Cobra Gunship Meadows 1976
Demolition Derby Chicago Coin 1976
Flying Fortress Electra 1976
Fonz Sega 1976
PT-109 Mirco 1976
Road Race Sega 1976
The Monsters Sonic 1976
Tracer Sega 1976
Blockbuster Elcon 1977
Flipper Ball Centuri/Cinem 1977
Flying Fortress Taito 1977
Zun Zun Block Taito 1979
Monaco GP Sega 1980

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  • The Atari Museum - Excellent Atari resource, for both Arcade and Home
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  • Wiretap - Chuck Sanders Picked up Al Kossow's old site - a mine of info!
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