March 12th 2004

  • Another new page! - Don't get too excited though, TAFA's random flyer system threw Bailey International at me from no-where and when I investigated it turned out they only had one known game so I threw up a page for them before I forgot!

March 10th 2004

  • New Page! - Exidy, thanks to all the people I already thanked when I put this stuff on the rough page and, as always, TAFA for the flyers!
  • Thanks also to Pi who pointed out a while ago that my link to the MW message boards was outdated!

March 2nd, 2004

  • Very small update - added a photo of rebound with a yellow rather than white surround thanks to Gregory McGill
  • Also added a couple of notes to the Rough page thanks to Dave Widel that answer my questions about the simularities between Death Race and Destruction Derby by Exidy and Demolition Derby by Chicago Coin.

Feburary 27th, 2004

  • Greg Fife dumped another load of pics on me for the rough page - what would I do without him? - those additions in full: Death Race (Cabinet), Game Tree (PCB), Demolition Derby (Cabinet - Lo Boy), Olympic Tennis (PCB), Futsball (Cabinet), Volly (Cabinet) and Desert Patrol (PCB Cage)
  • Now that I look at actual shots of Demolition Derby by Chicago Coin I see it looks almost identical to Destruction Derby by Exidy - anyone know if one was licensed off the other or if it was just a rip-off and who ripped off who?
  • Should be a couple of more things to follow but I thought I'd keep on top of it and not wait!

Feburary 25th, 2004

  • I am pleased to announce the assimilation of my friend Zephyr, from the MW boards' page/shrine dedicated to the Ramtek game 'Clean Sweep' which is kinda similar to Breakout
  • Also a few minor alterations to the game list below thanks to Greg

Feburary 16th, 2004

  • Noticed that TAFA had added 3 new German flyers for Breakout (Atari) so I added the links, these flyers also contained a screen shot and a cocktail cab shot that I liked so I added those too
  • Anyone know whats going on with the 'ENV' branded flyer by the way? It say "Breakout" but this is amusingly scribbled out and "Space Attack" written in biro - the cab says "Space Attack" on it but is clearly playing "Breakout"

Feburary 15th, 2004

  • I underestimated the time it would take to upload the last update then went away for the weekend so its only now that everything (hopefuly) has been upped, appologies if you were trying to get stuff before - do try again, should be OK now, please report if it isn't!
  • Incedently, the link on the Spies mirror to a 'Jetfighter' manual was broken - if anyone has it I'd greatfuly accept it (please e-mail me first though so that only one person actualy sends it)

Feburary 12th, 2004

  • Hello! Yes - I'm still here! My old mate Greg Fife found a mirror of Al Kossow's old, now defunct Spies/Wiretap site Here so I was able to snaffle a few screen shots and PCB pics but more importantly (and controversialy) I've decided to add the manuals I found there to this site, if this is abused and we get too many downloads of these things they will be removed so be warned!
  • An Atari flyer for a conversion kit for Pong type games turned up called Volley ball, I've assumed this is actualy 'Re-bound' in kit form and changed the entry for that game accordingly.
  • Joe Bachman kindly donated a couple of shots of very rare 'Kiosk' style Atari cabinets
    Complete list:
  • Atari Page - Breakout (Manual), Space Race (Kiosk cab, Screen Shots, Manual), Tank (Kiosk cab, Manual), Anti-Aircraft (Manual), Crash 'n Score (Manual), Gran Trak 10 (Manual), Gran Trak 20 (Manual), Hi-Way (Manual), Indy4 (Manual), Indy 800 (Manual), Le Mans (Manual), Pin Pong (Manual), Pursuit (Manual), Qwak (Manual), Shark Jaws (Manual), Stunt Cycle (Manual), Re-bound (Manual)
  • Nutting Associates Page - Computer Space (Manual)
  • Rough Page - Destruction Derby (Screenshots), Death Race (Screenshots, PCB, Manual), Heavy Weight Champ (Screenshots), Wheels (PCB), 474 (Manual), Video Pool (Manual), Attack (Manual), Bi-Plane (Manual), Demolition Derby (Manual), Flying Fortress (Manual), The Fonz (Manual), Pace Car Pro (Manual), Paddle Battle (Manual), Race (Manual), Tennis Tourney (Manual), TV Ping Pong (Manual), UFO Chase (Manual), Game Tree (Manual).
  • Also Quiz Show by Atari turned out to have a CPU so its gone!
  • Well, I think that's it, sorry if I missed anything!


November 26th, 2003

  • Added shots of Paddle Ball and Pro Tennis by Williams as well as Winner by Midway to the rough page, thanks to gregf also nabbed a control panel shot of Sega's Monaco GP, a cast off from Smitdogg's control panel packs
  • Added more cab shots of Steeplechase and Breakout to the Atari section, thanks to gregf
  • Finaly added links to and cropped material from the Atari flyers added to TAFA back in Oct, A better screen shot of Steeplechase as well as French cab pics of that and Anti-Aircraft

October 19th, 2003

  • With the help of Greg, I obtained a scan of a list of Atari games that TAFA's Dan Hower got from Atrai themselves, I've used it to clear up the 'unconfirmed' section, which is now gone (Crossfire and Dodge Ball are back on the page, all the rest are gone) It also listed the month of release of each game so I've that info too!
  • Dale Luck e-mailed me to clear up what 'Gyro-Pong' was (check the rough page) and pointed out the very informative "Story of Pong" site that I've added to the links section.
  • Other than that I did a bit of tidying up, the flyer links for Wimbledon now point to the right pages on TAFA and I've take Computer Space off the list of games that don't have page entries yet

October 12th, 2003

  • NEW PAGE Nutting Associates - check out the games of the company that kicked off the whole arcade video game scene! There's more than just 'Computer Space' BTW! - Main source was TAFA but thanks to Greg for finding some extra Computer Space pics!
  • Added pics of Flying Fortress to the Rough page, thanks to greg!

September 8th, 2003

  • Added some pics of Sega's Monaco GP to the rough page that Greg found on e-bay
  • Also, it was my birthday Yesterday - I got a Gameboy Advance and some Play-Doh!

August 20th, 2003

  • It takes time to do a proper page on this site with all the pretty Java Script flangyness and I haven't made one in a while, meanwhile people (Greg mainly but thanks to MAMEgrrrl for finding the Video Action shots) have been very kindly sending me photos of cabs they've found which I'll only loose somewhere on my hard drive and I feel guilty about not displaying them publically SOOO I've (very) quickly thrown together a 'rough photos' page to display them all! BTW any further info on these game (like reminding me who made some of them) would be great!
  • NB when/if I finally get round to putting these on proper pages they will be cropped and some will be discarded!

August 13th, 2003

  • Greg found more photos of Tank - the upright cab version this time including a better screen shot

August 12th, 2003

  • Added and replaced photos of Tank's cocktail cabinet thanks to Greg finding them on e-bay
  • Also changed the e-mail link to point to my new MAME World account - woo hoo!

August 11th, 2003

  • I've finally got direct FTP access to this site! Mwah ha har! Consequently that last update from the 29th has been fixed and everything mentioned in it now works, sorry for the wait!
  • Also I nicked that PCB shot of Qwak that R.Belmont sent to System 16, incidentally, this made me notice that I'd been spelling Qwak wrong all this time (Quak) - fixed now!

July 29th, 2003

  • Hello! I'm still here! Still haven't moved on from Atari though!
  • Regular MAME contributer Stefan Jokisch mailed me, raising doubts about the existance of a bunch of games prompting me to make an 'unconfirmed' section here on the front page to move them to, I also added Tank 3 to this list after Stilleto found another vauge reference to it
  • Stefan also pointed out that Tank 8 had a CPU so I've removed it from the site!
  • gregf submitted another load of photos, this time from a collector known as AndrewH, so look out for pics added to Breakout, Rebound and Quadrapong as well as a marquee image for Anti-Aircraft
  • He also found a photo taken at an exhibition showing a game called Gyro Pong (see unconfirmed section) any more info on this would be great!

May 14th, 2003

  • Sorry, still haven't got past Atari! - Added lots of Pics, mainly auction shots off of eBay, thanks to gregf such as LeMans, and Gran Trak 10, also a couple of the new Pong shots came courtesy of AndrewH
  • Added Tank 8 to the list - there's a manual on KLOV so that's pretty clear, however KLOV also has an entry for Tank 3 but we (me and Greg) doubt its actual existence too much to add it - if you have any further info on this we'd be grateful to hear it!
  • Slight redesign to make some concession for you 56kers! - Implemented a "thumb nail" system for some of the bigger images and split the Atari page in 2 (actually I was kind of forced to do that - I nested all the layers to make the site MUCH easier to maintain but all those layers nested together sort of blew IE's mind!)

April 26th, 2003

  • Still finishing up Atari, Added prototype shots of Pong and Snoopy Pong as well as replacing the Touch Me shot with a better one, all thanks to the Atari Museum
  • Decided that a cabinet shot of Gotcha partially obscured by b00bs (from the TAFA flyer) was better than nothing - in fact bonus ;-)
  • Added "many infos" to the Atari page both game specific and about the companies courtesy again, of the Atari Museum - check out the Breakout one!

April 24th, 2003

  • Added Cabinet shots to Tank 2 thanks to gregf!
  • Fixed various broken links and errors - should be working a bit better now!

April 22nd, 2003

  • HELLO after over 2 years of abandonment this site gets a major redesign and update, not to mention a new webmaster - me, Sean F Everard!
  • Added first dedicated company page - Atari! There's still some stuff I want to add to it, mostly info titbits from the Atari Museum but it's ready enough and yes it IS very reminiscent of THIS page on, and maybe I do just want to be Sixtoe, I got the shirts for it at least ;-)


February 10th, 2001.

  • Added a link to a *new* emu/simulator project for discrete Sega games. Yeah!
  • So, what's up with this page? I have begun work on the non-beta design, and everything is on track for an early Spring unveiling. In addition to that, I've been reading up on discrete logic, which has proved to be interesting.


January 30th, 2001.
  • Added two linaks, one for a working Pong simulator.


January 25th, 2001.
  • The games list now includes '74 to '80. This is probably not 100% complete/accurate, but work is far from finished...


January 24th, 2001.
  • List of games from '71 to '73 has been added. (Info adapted from Al Kossow's webpage.)
  • Tune in tomorrow for the '74 games!


January 21st, 2001.
  • Preliminary page is now up and running!